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Tassa Caribbean Restaurant was established in February of 2006 by self-taught food creator and passionate entertainer Radhika (Ria) Edoo. Fueled by a noticeable lack of Caribbean food fare, and a genuine talent for preparing selections that delight the taste buds of her own people and locals alike, opening Tassa was an obvious decision.

The cuisine is an authentic reflection of the peoples of Trinidad and Tobago and the entire Caribbean region as a whole. You'll delight in a taste forged from an implosive fusion of ingredients and traditions brought to the Caribbean during its early formation by the people of the African and Asian continents. The result is a delicious culinary experience complemented by sauces and side dishes bursting with flavor. Patrons with a Caribbean background flock to this Marietta restaurant for a taste of nostalgia; local Americans have also been finding favor with this style of food that possesses broad appeal.


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